MTHARU was established in 2013 to create objects based on artistic expression. The design studio name comes from creative director Sumer Singh’s family name, meaning sword hilt maker going back to 500 years of of artists, blacksmiths, poets, and authors. Since inception, the studio has grown into a full scale design and materials research lab with in house fabrication and international distribution.

The philosophy at MTHARU is deeply rooted in constant innovation, both digital and physical, with the current focus on post-digital practices and what defines this genre. While simplicity and minimalism is appreciated, the studio is more drawn towards complexity because it makes us spend more time with the design and create novel solutions. Sumer Singh’s background in Art, Engineering, and Architecture, brings the studio at a unique crossroads focused on technical yet free exploration of ideas. This is propelled forward using science and the de-contextualization of groundbreaking research from other disciplines into an Architectural and Artistic platform for the creation of new work.

The design studio has evolved from a purely expressionist form of making to a more inquisitive and active state of exploration. The current body of work involves using narratives situated in a post-digital critique of historical practices with the application of unique materials.

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